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It Was A Dream That First Foretold This...

Posted by Vickie Suddeth on

'Sold! How could that be God? This is my dream home and how can you expect me to give it up?' This is the very mood I expressed to God after having such a nightmare of a dream. In the dream I saw a huge SOLD sign in my front yard. So all that meant to me was that my house had been placed on the market and sold.

I was a divorced mother of three. I had been awarded the dream home I purchased together with my husband of 21 years. The marriage was now over and prior to having this dream, I had been living in the home for quite some time with the kids.

I was working full time with a company that was a very substantial factor to my keeping the home and keeping up. God had been dealing with me about resigning from my job that I'd been clocking into for the last 15 years of my life. That was scary enough. To give up all the benefits, bonuses, good pay and day shift was playing like a tape recorder over and over in my mind, daily.

Because, I was a woman of faith, I was't sure if I was ready to launch out into the deep that God was beckoning. I was satisfied, I thought, with the level of faith I was on, but God had higher heights and deeper depths for me.

It wasn't long after the dream, that I resigned from my job, placed my home on the market (had an offer within the first week), and soon after pack my car up and moved to another state to start over and learn how to trust God on the 'other side' of faith.

It was there on the other side where I learned to stand and rely on nothing but God and his words-alone. It was there on the other side where I had to remind myself numerous times that God had not forgotten me and would recompense me if I didn't give up. It was there on the other side where God assured me not to despise my new beginnings, although they were very small. It was there on the other side where God spoke to me and said, 'Remember Job.'

This is when I began to revisit my drawing talent I exhibit in elementary school. I drew sketch after sketch of visions as God was giving them to me. All the sketches were those of Faith, Endurance, and Fortitude ...

I remembered Job ..."And though your beginning was small, your latter days will be very great."