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This Picture Tells A Story. The Story is This...

Posted by Vickie Suddeth on

'You ma'am, yes you. Could you please come to the front please?' I will never forget that day ever. That was the very first recollection (in depth) of Jeremiah 29:11. I was at a tent revival. The female Evangelist pointed at me and called me to the front (along with a few other people), because she said she had a word for me from the Lord.

Although I was not the last one she called up to the front, nonetheless, I was the last one she prophesied to. She said she was saving me for the end and to be patient while she gave prophecy after prophecy to the other congregants.

Finally it was my turn to hear what God wanted her to tell me. First of all, I did not know this Lady. It was my first time ever seeing her and all I knew was what the program said about her--Evangelist. 

She said something like this: 'God said you are on his mind and he is having thoughts about you and they are good. She also mentioned Jeremiah 29:11 and said he (God) has an expected end for you. She went on to give me other profound words of prophecy about my future, according to what God had spoken to her.

From that day going forward, I never looked at Jeremiah 29:11 the same. It was adopted as my new mantra...

Fast forward a decade and a half later, I was awaken from sleep and felt the urge to get my drawing paper and pen. The finished product was the design on the shirt I'm on His mind, Jeremiah 29:11.

We (you and I) must constantly remind ourselves of God's word--daily. It's a prerequisite to living our best life and remaining faith driven.

It was 2 years ago, on a brisk windy, sunny Sunday morning, God sent me another reminder. It was a struggle for me to go to Church that particular Sunday morning. I had been wearing my brand T-shirts to church regularly, and when I reached into my closet to pull one out to wear, ironically I chose the one in the picture.

Sitting in church, I was feeling blah and needing some reassurance from God that he was still working on my behalf. As I was thinking those thoughts and tossing them around in my head, the praise ministry began to sing 'All His Promises Are Yes And Amen.' Tears began to flow, unstoppable down my face. And if that wasn't enough, when the Pastor was getting ready to end service, he said one of the associate ministers had a word from the Lord to share with the entire congregation.

She (the associate minister) came forth, and said something like this: 'I don't know who this is for, but God said (and she quoted Jeremiah 29:11). Being that I had on the design, I almost lost it! She went on to say that although it looks like it is taking God a long time to bring it to pass, don't give up, don't give in because He(God) will make good on His promises.

She said more, but what she said was enough to make my 'purpose' leap...


I don't know who this is for, but you are on His (God's) mind. God always make good on his promises. It may seem He has forgotten you, He hasn't. He is having good thoughts about you and He will deliver!

Jeremiah 29:11 I'm On His Mind!